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The Norman Lowell Gallery of Alaska

The Norman Lowell Gallery of Alaska is the centerpiece of the Norman Lowell Art Gallery Foundation properties. At 10,000 square feet of floor space, it is designed to lead the viewer through an experience of Norman Lowell’s artistic vision of Alaska.


Norman Lowell designed and oversaw construction of the Gallery in the early 1990’s, and the first section was opened to the public in 1996. The Gallery was specifically designed to showcase many of the large paintings that the artist had completed, some over 6 feet in both height and width, as well as paintings he envisioned rendering in the future. A large additional gallery room and sales room were completed and opened in 2000. 


The Gallery has impacted and inspired people in different ways over the past 2 decades, with most visitors describing it as completely unique. The layout of wall angles, lighting, and progression was designed by the artist to become a completely engrossing experience of the beauty of Alaska, complemented throughout by impressionistic and abstract works. Thoughts from the artist accompany certain paintings, and selections from the artist’s ‘painting music’ records play in the background. Visitors are invited to spend as much time as they wish moving throughout the rooms at whatever pace feels best to them.


The gallery holds the Permanent Collection, featuring over 300 paintings, the Artifacts Collection, featuring hundreds of sculptures and artifacts of artistic or historical value, curated by Norman Lowell, and the Sales Room, featuring rotating displays and original paintings for sale.  


The Sales Room at the end of the gallery, in addition to holding a special selection of originals for sale, also has a large selection of prints of many of Norman Lowell’s paintings for sale at varying value levels.


Admission to the gallery is free. Those wishing to support the gallery and the foundation may do so through a donation in the Sales Room.


Gallery Entrance

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