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Giclee Prints

Over the 2000s, Norman Lowell worked with printers in Alaska, and later Colorado, to offer a line of highest quality prints of selected works in the giclee printing style. Giclee printing is a digital process and can be printed on a variety of surfaces. Our prints come on canvas. Before he retired from his work, Norman created a library of around 150 giclee prints from many of his Permanent Collection paintings. We hope to continue adding to the library in the coming years.

The Giclee prints are our highest-quality reproduction. They come unframed, and ship very well. When taken to be framed, the framer will stretch the canvas on a stretcher bar similar to an original oil painting. Many people do not frame them with glass, as they come with a color-protection varnish. This affords the product a vibrant, life-like finished look.

Below is a selection of giclee prints that we have well-stocked. Please check back, as we are working to restock and expand our selection.

The giclee prints are priced by size, roughly according to the sheet. In the future, we will be able to offer various and even custom sizes of each print.

Some prints are signed. Please ask about signed editions.

Call us to order, or for more information.

Chugach Peaks.jpg

Chugach Peaks, 12x16, $750

Picking the Nets.jpg

Picking the Nets, 18x24, $975

In for the Winter.jpg

In for the Winter, 16x20, $850

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