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Sales Room

The Gallery Sales Room is dedicated to the sales of original paintings by Norman Lowell, and high quality reproductions. 

The Foundation staff is available to assist in the selection and purchasing of fine art for private or corporate collections.


The Foundation holds a Permanent Collection of more than 300 paintings by Norman Lowell. These are not for sale. The Foundation holds a second collection that are not in the Permanent Collection, and makes a limited number of them available for sale.


Our highest quality reproductions of Norman Lowell's permanent collection paintings are the giclee prints on canvas. 

Norman dedicated considerable time in the 2000s and 2010s to working with printers to bring the best possible giclee prints of his permanent collection to the public. To date, nearly 150 of his paintings have been offered in the giclee print format. Many prints also come in a variety of sizes. They ship well, with the canvas rolled onto a tube between tissue paper. 


This collection was built over many years. Starting in 1982, Norman had limited edition prints of several works created on museum-quality archival paper. Over the years, he added to the collection. Today, the collection numbers 45 editions. To date, only one edition has sold out. All prints come signed and numbered by the artist.

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