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Alaskan Artist Norman Lowell

the properties and collections

"I came to Alaska to paint the wild north country. Alaska captured me and has inspired me all these years. The beauty and wonder of Alaska have carried my imagination to its heights and moved me to express my impressions in the art of painting."

-Norman Lowell, 2008

On the bluffs overlooking the Anchor River south of the rural community of Anchor Point, the 10,000-square-foot Norman Lowell Gallery of Alaska stands on the original homestead property of the Norman Lowell family.

The Norman Lowell Art Gallery Foundation was formed in 2016 to preserve this unique gallery, and to present to visitors from around the world the homestead properties of Norman Lowell and the extensive collections and history held on this remote Alaskan hill. 


Learn more about Norman Lowell and how this story began

Plan Your Visit

You are invited to come and explore the collections at your own pace. Find our hours and special events.

Our Mission

We aim to preserve this window into Alaska - her past, present, and future - for generations to enjoy.

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